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This is the digital postcard from Ukraine, which was made to support Ukraine in times of war.


It will remain as a reminder that you supported our beloved country in such hard times. It contains handwritten note from Ukrainian poetry.


This postcard says:

Серце мліло, не хотіло

Співать на чужині


Which means:

The heart didn`t want to 

Sing on strangers` land


This line is from Taras Shevchenko's poem "My thoughts"


You can print it later and decorate your home. 



90% of sales will go to Ukrainian volunteers and army (we will post stories with the receipts) 


10% of sales will help to support the work of our brand: we will continue paying taxes, support the work of our website.


Thank you! Слава Україні!

Digital postcard from Ukraine Our thought

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